11 February 2010

Bus pirates for the win

It seems to me that these busrides to work are a great time for inspiration. Just like this time again.

So I'm sitting in the bus minding my own busines when suddenly the bus stops at a trafic light. No big deal, but then another bus, coming from the other direction, also stops at that place. So now I'm staring out the window into that other bus.

Preparing to avoid eyecontact with the passengers from the other bus. Cause that is what it turns out to be, two groups of people suddenly forced to either look away or just staaaaare at each other. Frankly option two might be rather fun >:)

But in the end I chose for option three. Just imagine the busses being pirate ships and let the two groups go at it. A first draft on the bus gave me this result.

Sure its a bit "imagine most of it yourself I'm just giving you the basic lines" but it'll do for now.
Cause once I got home I started with the inking and coloring digital. I'm calling it a digiting, you know, like drawing but digital. End result =

That's all for this part, next part will be lotsa sketches again. Somehow I think giving a colored thingy on thursdays and giving sketches on sundays is a fine way to go with this blog. We'll see how it turns out.

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