14 February 2010

Mini comics

Here's something I sometimes do.

Instead of sketching just a figure or an object, it is from time to time interesting to draw a little minicomic. No storyline, just one frame at a time and I'll see where it ends.

They can be short with not real story to it. This one started out with just the frame of the little man dropping down with his parachute. the bullseye beneath him is just where he's going to drop, but I like the idea that it is in another frame, and yet the "him falling" frame is in the "landing frame", so in a way it is one frame, but also portraiting a bit of movement in time.

Then there are just random stories that don't make any sense at all. I started them all with just one frame and continued with the next one without really thinking of any guidelines or storyline.

Yes hugbunnies, thay are very dangerous. Now I'm not sure if the last one is very clear, but they are doing a sport called "kleiduifschieten" in dutch. A sport where they shoot a disk away in the air and then someone shoots that disk.
Mel Brooks made a funny spoof of it with his "history of the world" movie. Definatly check it. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dk47saogI8o

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