17 February 2010


I love to keep all my drawings somewhere collected in a folder. Just so I can watch them after a long period and think, "wauw/argh did I draw that!"

So this week there was a folder on my computer that needed my attention. The "still working on it" folder. As the name might make you guess, it is indeed the folder of all pieces that I still havn't finished yet. Be it because I'm lazy, or that they were to hard and I stopped working on them or some other reason.

One of those reasons can be that I put a scan of a painting from years ago in that folder in the hope I get inspired by it to make a new drawing of that one. So this time I found the sketch here on the right. This is something I drew years ago, but the concept was to funny not to use. Besides, now I didn't have to invent a new concept/character/clothes and other stuff.

So its a win win situation. An old drawing gets some new light, and a new drawing will be made. So once I have it finished there is the lovely comparision I can do. Which is one of my weak points maybe. To take old drawings revamp them and then compare how much I have improved over the years/months. Or how little :s

I'm not to sure about the inside of the strawberry, cause I didn't search hard enough for that sort of reference. But I think its close enough. Now, a neat trick I used on this drawing was the leggings or stockings, not sure what the right word is for that piece of clothing in english. But I made a custom brush of the little tatoo on her arm, and then tweeked a bit with the brush options so that in no time I could just draw the texture on the legs in maybe less then a minute. Yay for photoshop on that one.

PS: In case you want a background for this one check these out.

1280 x 800
1024 x 768

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  1. Hehe stockings i think its a more correct word on those..:P I absolutley love this one tho..:D I have a brand new way of looking at strawberries and now i dont have that bad of a consiounce for slicing them up for the cakes..:D