25 February 2010

Fighting nudity

YOU try drawing a non-phalic cloud in front of that ice golem!

Ever heard of spectromancer? Its some sort of digital cardgame where you use cards with spells or monsters on, to fight your opponent. With each card having its own special tricks, benefits or bad stuff. Quite a fun game to play from time to time and also very inspirational. The game itself has very nice drawings on the cards and that makes it fun to imagine fightscenes with the characters.

The drawing I made for this update has been based on a match I had in that game. Some forest sprites, an ice golem and some wizard with a cloak were in combat. A nice exploitable idea I thought.

This time I didn't sketch on paper. I opened photoshop and started drawing directly on the computer. which helped a bit with the composition, and the sizes of the characters. You see, the green woman and the ice-golem were just as big as that wizard at first, I just resized them afterwards. Its just easier to draw large and resize them smaller after that. Less mistakes & stuff.

One of the problems I had while drawing was the golem. I needed him nude, but didn't want to draw under the belt. I don't want it rated "nude" and then hidden by some moderater. "sure lets hide it with some nicely placed cloud" I thought. And it worked, thank god, but It took me twenty tries or more before I gave up on drawing a curled cloud and just went with the flowy cloud. Cause no matter what I did, the cloud always came out phalic, which was definatly not what I needed in this drawing. Its kind of funny how hard it is not to draw such a shape.

But in the end it turned out splendid, and right now I love the cloud. Its like a ginormous big delicious pudding. Though suddenly I realise that might sound wrong after what I mentioned in the previous paragraph. Damn.

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