01 February 2010

Welcom to Weekly Procrastinations

As said in the title, welcome.

I'm going to use this blog as a motivation to draw something every week at minimum.

So either you're going to see a blog with a weekly new drawing, or you'll see a blog filled with excuses on why I didn't make a drawing that week.

Sadly I don't dare to call myself an artist.

Sure I have a canvas in my room that I'm painting on right now and my computer is filled with drawings. Not to mention the bunch of folders and sketchbooks that are situated in my closet.

But I never finished my years in art-college and these days I hardly get motivated enough to draw. Sometimes the feeling to just give up drawing is too strong. At those moments I sometimes follow it for days or even weeks.

Yet this yearning to put my fantasy on paper is too strong for me to withstand. I always end up drawing something.

Now to start with this blog I'll post my very very very first digital drawing up here. Just to give you people something to laugh with. And Oh my god, that was made in 2001.

lol low resolution drawing "264 x 250"

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