04 February 2010

Driving and drawing!

What is more dangerous then driving on the road?
Driving and drawing at the same time!

Now, not to worry, I'm not the one who is driving, I leave that to the busdriver. Yeah, no personal driver in a limousine for me, to bad.
But it has a lot of benefits in the long run:
*less stressfull
*you can do something else

The "something else" go's from sleeping and reading to drawing and listening to music. I have spend some time with reading some philosophical book by Fernando Savater, "├ętica para amador" or as they say in english, "the good life". A great book which you should definatly concider reading.

But this week I didn't read a book, once again my sketchbook presented me with a blank paper that needed to be filled with pencil-matter.

So yeah, I fixed the sketch on the bus and later during lunchbreak I found some time to ink it.

At an art school they might say that you need to use ink, or a special black brush for it.

But in my experience I find that a normal balpoint pen is the best use for me. I like to be in control of my line with every aspect.

By using a brush I am controlled by the shape of it, and with the special black ink pens I always need to change pens if I want a thicker line. Therefor I'm going with the normal balpointpen, which gives me a rather good manipulation on the thickness of the line.

But inking besides now came the harder proces, the coloring. Always a hard think to work with. what color to use what not. Dark, light, gray? Should I go for realism or cartoony. Yeah, I do tend to be stuck with a lot of options, but not to worry. It gets fixed in the end. And so I am able to present you with a colored version of the demon, yay for me.

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