04 March 2010

Speed paintings

Not really a speed painting, more like a fast forward movie actually.

Speed paintings is a relative famous phenomena on youtube. Great artists who film their desktop while they make a painting. And then speed it up. Cause really, nobody wants to watch hours of slow painting. Plus youtube only gives us ten minutes. Most of those clips are awesome drawings in the making. Highly detailed, and probably hours of work.

Now, I've always wanted to do something like that too. Never really got to it though. Except this time. Via Deviantart I noticed a drawing of Jollyjack, great artist, and he had made a speeded paint movie of it. I don't know why, but suddenly I figured, "There's no better time then the present". So I hopped down to google to find me a desktop record program and started drawing.

At this moment I didn't really care about the painting itself, I just wanted to make a speed painting movie. So I just copied the idea of Jollyjacks drawing and frankly didn't care much about composition or storyline at all. But I think that's quite alright. I still had enough to learn about what specific options to use with the program, and how that windows moviemaker works.

It took me an hour to draw this thingy. Which is probably way to long for it. But that was not the problem. I had recorded it in real time. So I had to re-record it in a faster time. Luckily I was able to do that, but I had to wait an hour again. Now I'm sure there are better and easier ways of speeding up a movie. Its probably an option in the moviemaker software. But yeah, I was being silly and didn't check that. Still havn't checked it. (note to self, check it)

While I was watching that movie of myself drawing the painting I noticed a lot of mistakes I made. So its really a good way to learn. Since I'm watching it from a different perspectif. Cause while I'm drawing I'm sorta in "the zone". But when I'm watching the movie, I'm not in the zone anymore and I notice different stuff. So its really helpfull.

This is the final result, both the drawing and the clip. I hope you enjoy it. I know I do.

As a final note I will add that I like Jollyjacks work way better then mine.

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