28 November 2010

Stuff at work

Spaceships and posters galore.

A while ago, thats about three weeks ago there were two pieces of paper hanging on a wall at work. It was an advertising poster of H&M, they were both the same except for one thing. The first one was untouched, but the second one was altered. I had taken a marker and had drawn a few things on the second poster. Its what I do when I'm bord, I draw stuff.

Later on I upgraded it to a second level by actually drawing the pieces on clean paper, cutting them out and then pasting them on the poster. The result was funny and needed a few tweaks in clean cutting edge technology and some good tape to paste it on the poster. But now the wall needed room for new things and thus my lunchtime occupation had to go.

So I adopted the two posters and took them home with me, now I can finaly show them to the rest of the world. The funny thing is, the posters didn't survive for that long, only a month maybe, but there is one thing of mine that is still hanging around in the kitchen. A small "spaceship" I had made of some material I had found at work. Right now it is hanging on the roof, out of plain sight, and thus out of heart.

It has been hanging there for months now and I wonder how much longer it will last. I hope it'll stay there forever, so that one day somebody will sit in the kitchen, look up and see it, wondering what it is and who made it. Hopefully nobody will be able to awnser it, cause that would make it a mystery, which would be wickedly cool.

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