14 November 2010

The rat mime

Having a spare is always a good idea.

I guess I could have shown these sketches a bit earlier this week, but its so much fun to have a few sketches in reserve for sundays. I had no stress or worries for todays update because the sketches were already resting in my sketchbook. Concidering this I reckon that I should do this a bit more, sorta like a plan B in case no sketches are born.

Of course there is one problem, its hard to keep up that pace sometimes. For instance, this thursdays update needs a drawing with a youtube clip again, but its not yet made, just like the sketches for next sunday. Sure I'll be able to shoot something down for it, but it would be nice if I had a bit of reserve from time to time.

So anyway, looky here, a rat mime and the flying pinguin who plays gitar hero. I think I mentioned these at the previous update. The rat mime can be explained by a sort of trailer for the movie tangled.

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