25 November 2010

That is sorta different

A walk down movie history lane.

Yesterday was an interesting day. There was work, but there was also burned pizza and two movies of waaaay back in the days. Pinochio and Bambi. I hadn't seen those movies since I was a kid. So being able to see them now was a rather interresting experience. Pinochio was a bit more evil then I remembered, the story in the movie Bambi was actually very, very, very basic.

But the skills and experience that you see in the movies is wicked. The water effects in Pinochio are amazing for that time. Not to mention all the effects off water and leaves flying and floating around. You have to keep in mind that it was all handdrawn. Not a single computer calculated those random bubbles or leafs. So that is some wicked skill and patience that went in those movies.

As for todays drawing, I've been a bit, "meh" about it. I had some lineart ready in my sketchbook, but I wasn't too pleased about it. I thought it might change once I had it scanned and inked on the computer, but nope. I generaly didn't like it that much so I just went crazy on the colors. I figured that the drawing is rubish anyway, so it won't matter what I do to it. So this is the result.

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