18 November 2010

The future is here

The only thing we ever wanted was to make our fantasies come true.

First off all, we are pretty darn close to a lot off ideas from the early science fiction movies. The communicators from star trek is our modern cell phone, doors that open and close automaticly was a concept introduced in early television series. Touch screens, motion controled software, flying to the moon, instant food, augmented reality and so much more that I can't think of right now.

But for today I'd like to focus on this one specific piece off technology.

  • projecting images/characters on a screen to make them appear like holograms.
  • Songs created with pre-recorded sounds and voices.
  • A concert that is made up from digital characters and music.
The "holografic" technology isn't really perfect yet and gorillaz beat them to it. It also isn't true 3D and although I can't speak from personal experience I don't think these projections have the 3D effect if you would walk past them from left to right.

I am amazed however by the enthousiasm of the audience. They chear and sing along with the music as if the person in front off them isn't an illusion. They accept the fact that this character and music is made off only digital information. Its funny how people used to complain about singers doing playback when you watch this digital concert at work. It is this idea that I'd like to present here now. Where is the line? When should we concider something authentic and when is it just plain cheating? I'm sure that a playbacking artist will receive a lot of hate mail. But the people behind this digital concert won't have to bother about those mails at all.

And as people always tend to do, they start learning and living with the new technologies.


Lets take this digital concert and combine it with this recording technology!

What can we create with these two ideas?
Imagine how a group could record themselves in a studio and then transport that image to a concert. At this concert they could project that image live on stage. I don't think it would work as well if it is prerecorded and just show while the group sits at home drinking some coffee. If they did that the fans would feel cheated and the hate mail would be right on its way.

No, for this to work properly I'm guessing that the group would have to perform "live" and it would have to be shown in more then one location at the same time. Or else the fans might not accept this use of technology. But if they do accept it there could show the same concert at the same time to hundred off different places all over the world. Sorta like watching a concert on TV, but only this time you can be still experience the feeling off a live concert.

If people would allow themselve to accept this sort off concerts and if they wouldn't feel that they Have to see the people in real life it might work. Of course the technology would have to be in perfect condition for that, but there are a lot off benefits to it. They could add a bit off extra flavor to the images, a little spoof here, a hint off special effects there et voila, a wicked, science fiction concert is born.

Even people who aren't into science fiction might concider this cool.

And best off all, its possible, the technology exists today! The only thing we need now is a bunch of crazy rich people to fund such a thing.

On a completly unrelated subject. I didn't plan on doing the thingy up above but coudn't resist after seeing the first clip. So I got stuck with that and a new drawing that I had planned to show. This leads to a really big update for today. I don't know why I'm not splitting it up over different days but somehow I can't do that cause it doesn't fit my schedual. ow well.

Katshar by ~wulfnstein on deviantART

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