21 November 2010


The Quetzalcoatlus was almost as big as the T-Rex, a very impressive sight!

This saturday was spent in the company of a bunch of screaming little kids, another bunch of shopping mothers and fathers, and a really big shopping mall filled with skeletons and puppets of dinosaurs. That about sums it up really. I was sorta bored this saturday and when I got the oppertunity to go to waasland shopping center I gladly took it.

So once I had done the tour through all the shops that interested me (games/software/movies) I took my sketchbook and pencil and started drawing the items of the exibition. They had a whole bunch of skeletons of dinosaurs inside the hallways, a few small, a few medium (triceratops) and a big one (T-rex). It has been a long time since I saw dinosaur skeletons so I was pretty excited about it.

Now I had two options, either I'd sit on a bench and draw the things that I could draw from that place, or I could just sit on the floor in the middle of the hall and draw the big ones like the T-rex or the triceratops. But with a few experiences from other drawing times I was assuming that security would start fussing about if I'd just sit on the ground.

So I went for the first option and put myself on a bench, I even had to be a bit impolite and ask if I could sit on someones spot. The guy was sitting on the corner of the bench that had the only view to one of the skulls there, (the second sketch in the drawing) But he had a lot of extra space next to him so it didn't bother him.

A lot of people walked in front of the things I wanted to draw so sometimes I had to wait, or watch inbetween their arms and heads to see the subject. "Move away that guy is drawing it" is one of the sentences that I heard alot that day. At one point some little kid was sitting behind me and I guess my jacket was very interesting since he was fumbling with it.

But overall it was a succesfull hunt for sketches, I had planned to just sit down and maybe draw chairs or people or the hallway of the shopping mall, but instead I got to see and draw Dinosaur skeletons. So that was actually a pretty cool and lucky turn of events.

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