07 November 2010

level 3

Lets go and upgrade this stuff!

So lately I've been playing some heroes of might and magic, and in the game they use two levels for units, sorta. This level idea was inspiring and it kept me busy during my busrides. I tried to make some variations of different levels on random items. Sure it may not be the regular stuff like mages or weapons but thats the charm off it.

The thingy in thick black lines and the hole in the paper (see green arrows) are part of a little project at work. There are two advertising posters on the wall, one off them is untouched and the other has been smudged. Smudged with little objects that I've drawn and cut out of my sketchbook. With a little help of some tape I've pasted these things on one of the posters.

Now there is one poster with an added belt, elbow protectors, horns and a button. The other is still clean to make the comparison. I might have to take a photo of it in the near future.
Now lets see, the pencil in level three is half magical, like a digital brush but in real life. On the top left there are rollerblades, with level three being a hover rollerblade with jet engine propulsion, booya!

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