04 November 2010

So its november

Soon the sun will peep throught the clouds again.

But until then, in honor of my uncle/godfather who passed away last week, this link. And that's all I have to say about that.

The rest off this update will be as positive as possible. Showing the drawing of the Ladybug Princes I made earlier this week. It started as a quick sketch in photoshop that soon transformed in a fine drawing. I had a lot of trouble to find a decent balance between a lot of hair and a little hair. I can't say a balance was found.

Somehow there was some time to write a little background to this drawing, it isn't much, but at least its going to give you some inside information.
    " Princes Ladybug was a very sweet princes. She was always kind to her fellow man and never wanted to judge anybody. It was only natural that everybody around loved her. But despite her kindness she had this aching feeling that she didn't belong in the castle. The world of lords and ladies seemed too cold and empty. She needed something else. Through her window she saw the outside world and wished to be free, to be one with mother nature. To spread out her wings and fly through the sky.

    When finaly her 18th birthday had passed the moon was filling her room with a brightness she had never seen before. What was this feeling she had, this urge to go outside, to venture into the dark woods? Like a gentle wind was pushing her feet she couldn't help but tiptoe out of the castle. When she finaly touched the grass outside she knew what was going to happen.

    She took one more glance at her old house, realising she'd never be able to go back, then pressed on into the woods for her final transformation. "

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