11 November 2010

Waterfall city

The wild goosechase for music.

This monday I went to the movies, no wait, I tried to go watch the movie "Despicable me". But it was in 3D. After experiencing a few movies in 3D I started noticing the flaws in the concept. When scenes are moving to fast they tend to go blurry and its harder to focus on nice details, well maybe that was only in the movie "alice in wonderland" from tim burton.

Since the other movies I wanted to see were dubbed in French I just walked out of there. Nothing worse then watching an english movie in another language. Subtitels! They have been invented for a reason!
Anyway, this gave me more then enough time to try some sketches and stuff. I came up with some random word combinations, like "rat mime" or "flying penguin playing gitar hero" and "city in a waterfall". I made a pencil drawing of those three ideas. But the last one really sparked my interest.

The next day (tuesday for those keeping track) I got to babysit the house (theres some rebuilding going on in the bathroom). This gave me plenty off time so I started drawing lotsa things on my computer. One of them being a digital version of the waterfall city. In the "making of" clip you can sorta see two parts. The first part where the colors are in normal daylight, and the second part when I changed it to sunset. These two parts represent the two days that I worked on the drawing.

The only moment that had more then one layer was when I first applied the orange color, but once that was settled I got back to working on one layer. It was also the first time that I worked on my other computer, my laptop, which doesn't have any of my custom made brushes. So that was another challenge that I had to work with.

In the end I dare to say it turned out rather nice. Sure there is always room for more details, maybe adding a little person running on the road or in the city somewhere, but I'll leave that for another moment somewhere in the future. The song that I used in the clip is quite awesome. The other works of Brian sadler are also wickedly amazing.

I thought he was another newground user so I didn't really pay attention to his status. Cause apparently he wasn't active on that site anymore. So I had to go on a wild google search to see if he had some other place on the web where I could notify him. You know, if I'm gonna use their music without asking first I might as well tell them about it, if they don't like it they can still ask me to remove it. But damn, it took me a while to find that site.

Now without further ado (or however you write that word) heres the stuff!

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