01 April 2010

April 1th, lets fool around

When I was your age we had to draw a gradient, pixel by pixel.

hehehe, its always fun to act like an old fart. But seriously, check this one out. That was a gun I drew on paper, got it scanned somehow and then colored it in Ms paint. Not photoshop, but good old Ms paint. And that whif of smoke at the front of the gun is a smooth gradient.

That means I had to take a color, draw one line of pixels and repeat the proces but with a lighter color. And so on until I had the entire smoke cloud done.

Thinking back on it I find it hilarious that this was THE most awesome thing I had drawn back in the day. This is from august 28th 2001 btw. Still using "windows 98" I was 16 years old. Wauw that's pretty bad for that age actually.

Only a year later I saved the next little drawing on my hard drive. Notice the big computer screen. That's done with the grafiti tool, also Ms paint. And yes those were some darn special effects I had drawn. The original of this was on the back of my calculator. Which I had first pasted with paper. Its still on there, but it really doesn't look alive anymore with the ink faded out and colors disrupted and most of the sides rugged and torn off. But its still on the calculator.

Next up we got another beauty from the old box. Though the file says its from 2003 I don't really believe it. I discovered photoshop 3 or 5 in the year 2002. And this desktop drawing was done before my great photoshop era.

I'm sure manny of you know the joke of taking a screenshot of the desktop and then putting that screenshot as the computers background. Well I sorta went with that but I didn't mind people realising there was something obviously wrong. Come to think of it I actually wouldn't mind making a new version of it.

Yes I have once learned to type the 3l1te l4ngu4ge. I learned about it via Megatokyo, which was/is a pretty good webcomic. I wouldn't know anymore since I stopped following it. The second file in that folder contains some coding of simple program toys in acces. I think one of it was in fact a translator for l33t. Drop in normal text and get it out in l33t. Pretty nifty. (geek alert) And the clock, it 6:66.

And for the last one I'll show you my very first drawing ever that I made with a wacom tablet. That was April 28th 2004. Also 6 years ago by now. Before that I had to draw everything with a mouse. Yes a bloody mouse. I can tell you ever since I plugged in that wacom tablet I don't think I have ever drawn anything with a mouse ever again.

It is amazing that my very first wacom tablet is still working as it should. Sure the button thingy falls off from time to time, but it still works perfectly. Thought today I only use it on my laptop, instead of a mouse. For my drawings I use a bigger wacom which I had bought a few years ago from a friend.

And those extra buttons on the bigger wacom really help speed up the drawing proces. Well, I hope you all enjoyed this little travel back in time. Next time I'll be back to the regular scedual.

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