15 April 2010

Easy drawings are easy

When you dance, don't care.

This wednesday was rather interesting. I spend some time on a drawing and making a recording of it. Again. I find it a bit odd that I made a full body figure and then cropped it down a fricking bunch, deleting a lot of my work. Not that it was that hard. The drawing didn't ask that much attention and it was done fairly quick. Frankly I shouldn't even post it on Deviantart I supose. Yet somehow I can't resist the urge to post it.

Notice the socks. If you watch the speed making off you'll see that the socks are actually way to large for the little dancer. This is something that comes from me. Most of my socks are also to long. My excuse is very simple. They are large, so I don't have any trouble slipping into them. And frankly I hate it if my sock are to small and my feet have to suffocate themselves to get in my socks. That's why I like to wear larger socks. And just like you should do while dancing, I don't care about what other people think about my big socks.

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