18 April 2010


Maybe I got a little bit inspired by "How to train your dragon".

Just a little bit really. *looks innocent* The pencil sketch of the top left dragon was hardly anything like the inked version. I altered the eyes and the legs completly. And the ink version looks cuter and more acceptable then the pencil version. The other dragons are a bit more lizard snake like. Definatly not as Dragon as I had thought they would turn out to be.

The woman was drawn from a beautymagazine at work. When I first looked at it, I thought that she was just another of those good looking models without any imperfections. But on a closer look it appeared that her ears had no earlobs, which I found very perculiar. And her nose, the tip of it was very flat too. Those were some things I only noticed after I had started drawing.

So I think that a saying I once read somewhere is true. "To draw something is to truely look at it". Or something like it. Only when I paid attention to how the lines were going I noticed how they were not going in the "regular" way that the body was suposed to go. Now after I made the sketch I sorta made an ink version of it where I filtered out the realism stuff and went for a more cartoon style.

And if you ever lose at a cardgame just get a dragon to fix your problem.

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