04 April 2010


I've been in a Terminator mood today.

This morning I woke up and started browsing the internet a bit. After a while I bumped on this little bugger. Made by pogo or something I think. A nice song compiled by little sounds from the movie. Check out his other stuff. There's a lot of different songs for lotsa movies.

Automaticly I got the urge to watch Terminator 2. It has been a long time since I've seen it. Unlike what you might guess I don't have the DVD. Today I watched that movie on VHS. Yes an old video cassette. Frankly, the quality of the youtube clip was better then the VHS. So I'm making a mental note here to myself to buy the DVD.

In a few minutes I'll be watching the third Terminator movie. I mean, if I'm watching, I might as well watch the other. But before I do I'll just post a little sketch I made between the two movies.

Yeah, it's been a bit harder this week to update decently. But on to the future of good udates.

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