22 April 2010

Jimmy "oneleg" the pirate

I hate it when I'm drawing and suddenly photoshop crashes,
for no apparent reason!

While the drawing below was being constructed I had a stupid crash of photoshop. For no reason what so ever the helpfile opened when I chose a color. Sure I moved my pen a bit odd, but still. Even if I accidentally opened something. Why on earth would it want to crash just by that.

So I lost a lot of my work that I had done. Let me tell you, if it is very late you don't like that. A good thing it was late enough or else I would have been swearing way to loud. But yeah, can't wake the people here now can I.

Anyway. I made it this wednesday evening. I could have uploaded a Ninja Ferret, but since I don't want to get the label of being lazy I made a new thingy. Ow well it has been a fruitfull two days. Ninja ferrets and flying pirates. Great stuff.
I wonder if I could combine it...

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