28 March 2010

I washed my wallet

Those copperstains are very difficult to remove.

My wallet is this yellow thingy, and I don't know why but this morning I got the urge to clean it. It having lotsa dirt on it helped of course. And so I took my wallet and got to it. One of the discoveries was that the wallet itself, without its content is actually very soft and agile. The other discovery was that the place where I keep the coins is saturated by the copper coins liquid. Yes, I'll claim that coins sweat, just for the fun of it.

And behold, my two walls of art, on the left is other peoples work (oteplorks) and on the right is my own stuff. Yeah less impressive, but still it fun to have a wall full of drawings. Suddenly my nose detects the lovely smell my wallet is giving away right now. A good thing I used a good soap for it.

In other news:

I present you with A, the sketch for the drawing I posted on DA yesterday. B, a drawing I'll ink to hang up in the store. In the hope to persuade the kids a bit more in participating a drawing contest that the company organised. And C:\ A sketch I'll ink and color later on.

That last sketch was kinda an odd situation. A fellow artist asked if I wanted to draw her characters in my style. I was contemplating on doing it, but wasn't sure if it was worth the trouble. But since the idea was in my mind, I couldn't help and be curious to what the result would be. Thus I was tricked again, into drawing at least some of the characters.


  1. Truly, you still have that wallet? how did it manage to survive all those years?

  2. Kipling: very good quality stuff.