11 April 2010

A day to the cinema

I wonder if the bus would stop for plants?

Today I went to the movies. To watch hickup do his thing in the movie "how to train your dragon. On my way there I was sitting on the bus and noticed a peculiar thingy on the other side of the road. At one of the busstops I saw some plants, waiting for the next bus. Not a single human in sight, so they must have been old enough to travel alone. I wonder where they were going.

While I was waiting I sketched a little bit. There was this poster of a new movie, "kick ass" I think its called. I tried to get it on paper. Some sort of batman like figure. It failed like hell and so I tried my own version of it. Today I did make a lot of sketches, but I dont think any of them really will be worthy of a greater title. But hey, its practise.

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