25 April 2010

The bus will soon be here

A lot can happen when you stay at one place, waiting for a bus.

This saturday I went to another town nearby. Thinking to myself: "I'm sure I'll find it in that shop". I was looking for masking paint. Cause it would make the work on one of my paintings a lot easier. Sadly enough they didn't have what I needed. So I'll either have to go look for it somewhere else or I'll have to make due without it.

Without my price I returned back home. So when I was at the busstop I saw that it was canceled because of some work on the streets. I walked a bit further to the next busstop, and the next one and even the next one, and after that one I got to a point where the bus was again stopping. It might sound like a loooong way, but it was just a walk around the town. One quarter of a circle.

When I got to that busstop I saw the bus driving away from it. So I had to wait for the next one. Which eventually came an hour later. I didn't know that at the time since there was no timetable there. So I waited. And during that time I saw the police stop at the motorbike shop behind me. They arrived with only a car but left with a car and a motorbike.

But the funniest I saw was the thing I have marked with the green arrow on the sketches. From around the corner I saw a man pushing a wheelbarrow. And in the wheelbarrow was a little kid. They stopped a few meters in front of me and started working in a small patch of garden. And the little kid was like the assistent. Helping as best as he could. At the end they left in the same way. The little kid in the wheelbarrow that was pushed by uncle Eddy. For that was what the kid called him.

And when the bus arrived I stood up from the ground and left the little live-stage.

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