28 April 2010

Cavestory is cool

And to think I used to say I'd never make fanart.

Yes, fanart. I made some fanart again. This time I made some for the game "Cavestory". I can't say enough how much I appreciate that game. Its an indie game. Made by one person, over a period of five years. It looks retro, but it plays like a modern game, with good music, story, action and multiple endings. And even though it might look cute, the difficult level of its endbosses is anything but cute.

That being said, I havn't yet been able to kill the final, final endboss. Which will give me the best ending of the game. The other endings are nicely fitting in the game too. But its funny to see the level of hardness. Lets write it down in a timeline.

:start:> ah easy, tough bossgetting tricky, holy crap evil boss, oh my god :o, ...not possible<:end:

And when I entered the last level all the previous stuff seemed like childs play. But don't worry, its not that hard after all, you just got to get used to it. After that has happend it actually is a pretty fair game to play.

But moving on to the fanart. I can say that the sketch was rough in pencil form, and when I inked, it was still full of mistakes, notice the words on the left. They indicate what I still had to change when I went digital.

And notice the panic face of Curly. That was definatly not in cue with her character.

Curly Brace and Quote fishing by ~wulfnstein on deviantART

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