14 March 2010

Going to made in asia

I know you! Good morning.

Made in asia is a sort of con here in belgium that covers most of the media stuff that comes from asia. This includes games, manga, animé, some historic stuff, art and a few other thingies. It caught my interest, for I do am interested in those things. So this sunday I had the time to go there, yeah work is a bitch. My collegue Katia, also known as Cage apparently, was kind enough to join me on this quest. "Always nice to discover new things" as she said.

The bus lines on sunday are hell, they only ride each hour, so I had some time to kill cause I was a bit early. Which is ok, cause that allowed me to make some sketches. Sitting there on a bench I got some stuff on paper. The view was a funny thing on its own. All the cosplayers, kids with spiked hair and lotsa colorfull clothes that passed by. I belief there even was a little photoshoot going on behind me at one point. The con itself was very fun, lotsa nice stuff to see and apparently you only had to pay one time to gain entrance to two other cons, one about modelbuilding and another about creative hobby thingies.

But the intro was awesome. The entrance door itself was on the second floor so we had to go down with an electrical staircase. So imagine this, standing above all the people, having full view of everything, and then gently descending into the sea of asian wares. Definatly a nice entree.
One of the activities was a cosplay show, and there were some pretty good ones this time. One of the groups were transformers, which I also had seen at f.a.c.t.s. 2009. They were still nice.

The best part however is what happend a bit earlier. Me and Katia walking through the people, and suddenly she see's someone she knows. Nothing to special, but then it appeared to be Yoko, whom I know from school when I was 14 or something. They knew each other from highschool. And me and Katia know each other from work. And all three of us have been to the same school at one point in time. Now for it to be a coincidence I gotta say, it's one of the higher levels. I mean, if there was a coincidence god, I'd say, "nicely done dude"

On another note, there were big drums that got played by a pikachy and some other people. A free hug animal too and I got my ass kicked by Katia in some tekken like game. She never plays games, apparently she's just better at button smashing then I am.
But luckily I got some sketches to show you now. And yes that is a brain in a wheelchair!

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