11 March 2010

I just love remakes.

And years later he took it upon him to copycat his own ideas, le gasp! :o

Fieuw, this was a close one. I had made a few drawings earlier this week. But as my brother pointed out. I couldn't use those as updates for this blog. Cause I still had three days before the update. So I asked him for an idea. But sadly I didn't continue on that. What I did do was the following.

I dropped my lazy buttoms in my bed and took a bunch of older drawings, from 2003 or older I belief. While browsing through them I was looking for a specific drawing that I could remake. Finaly after some concideration I stumbled upon this little bugger.

The girly was called Indja, and she had this sort of magic that made her control a string of magical substance. Sorta like a rope or moldable matter. Cause it could take on any shape, even a protective wall, you never know when stuff is going to explode now do you.

So this was definatly worthy of a remake. Though I can't really say that I have based the characters on this sketch.
I only copied the action scene and the use of magic. But all else is mostly brand new. If you can call a remake new.

Thus it came to be that I made a sketch on monday evening, inked it on tuesday morning, and got to color it wednesday evening/night. I finished it at 2 a clock in the night. Probably not the most responsible thing to do, concidering I have work tomorrow. But all for art! The original size was A3. Which made me remember why I hate my A4 scanner. Way to much trouble assembling the seperatly scanned pieces. They almost never fit.

Thus I leave you with this wise advice. Buy an A3 scanner if you draw a lot on A3 sized paper.

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