18 March 2010

Keep on updating

Sometimes I'm really just updating for the update ',:|

Frankly I wouldn't dare say anything different. Cause today really is more or less just an update for the sake of updating. Today I present you with another colored work, and a funny speed painting from the making of. There are some nice ideas bubbling in my mind. But those will be for another day.

Thus I bring you this thingy. Over here are two version of the global image. I couldn't decide which one I thought was better. Over there you can find the cropped version, with another composition, and a missing green gitarist. I think that version is an ok mix of the two over here. And underneath you can see the making off from this drawing.

As a little extra I bring you this little sketch I made during lunch break at work. So it took me about 35 to 40 minutes at max.

So whenever you don't really have anything to say, just upload a lot of pretty pictures to distract the viewer from the lack of thoughtfull blogging.

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