21 March 2010

A whole bunch of little things

In the link above you can find the song "caramelldansen" which is/has been a hype. Its understandable why, funny song, cute dance and crazy characters. A rather fine mix for the internet people. I'm mentioning this only now cause I was reminded of that dance last sunday at the convention, where some people did it. And now that song has been in my mind for the past week. Very oddly, even in my sketches.
Also you can see the original sketch of my slugish drawing on DA. With this sketch I tried to decide what colors I had to cut out of my book, and what parts were to be colored. I figured I'd make the darkest parts on the sketch colored in black, and the grayish was to be cut out. A good thing I reversed it. Cause black salt really isn't salt at all. Salt has to be white or else people won't recognize it.

On another note. I went to Brussels this week. Big town over here in Belgium, you might have heard of it. To get my certificate for being a comic author. I followed a course of "comic auther" last year, and this week I got the notice that I could come and get the certificate at their office. Sure it might not really be of any true vallue on the market, but its something. And something is better then nothing.

Now while I was in town I figured a strole down the cities shopping street might be a fun idea. It turned out in sketching a building on some square. Isn't it strange how ancient greek/roman buildings ended up in a modern city. Frankly here in europe its understandable, having been part of the roman empire and all, but what about america. The romans never even got there.
Aah, History, how you can be so odd when it comes to building stuff in honor of rich peoples ego.

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