25 March 2010

Archimedes and trees

Who needs an excuse to run around naked through town?

A few days back my brother informed me that the story of Archimedes might be a funny thing to draw. And true he was. It took me only a few minutes to figure out the basic idea of the drawing. But then somehow I just couldn't finish it. I had the lines, and even the basic idea of the colors. So getting it done wouldn't be so hard you'd think.

Boy was I wrong. I tried a realistic look for it, then I went for simple outlines like illustrator. I tried using flash illustrator and photoshop, but non of them did the trick. I just couldn't finish it. So in the end it seemed like the old fashioned way was just the way to go. Simple outlines, basic color, and not to much stuff on the shadows. So finally after a long battle that took me some days I got this as an end result.

And for something completely different. A few days back my I received a pooster, some A6 cards and a magazine in which one of my works was placed. It was the tree I made about the four seasons. It was for a danceact with which my cousin helped to make the addvertising. It had taken some time and effort. But when I finaly saw the pooster and the fact they got a doublepage sized add in a local magazine, I was very happy.

After all, it was definatly worth all the time and work I put into it. Especialy since they put a lot of effort in spreading it to the world. I'm gratefull they did that.

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