06 January 2011

When dinosaurs ruled the earth

Twas not so long ago that reptiles ruled over mother earth.

Why not go a little crazy when you're making up stories. What about dinosaurs actually building a civilisation like our own and also making it to the moon. As explained on the deviantart page it only took us humans 200 000 to reach modern civilisation and to go for the moon. Which isn't that much time concidering the earth is probably around 500 millions years old or more.

Since Dinosaurs ruled the earth for 165 millions years and it only took us 1/5 of a million years, they had 825 chances to get on the moon. Thats a lot of chances. You could say: "but we haven't found any signs of civilisations of that time", to which I'll just reply: "meh, earthquakes, shifting of the earth plates, meteorstrikes and just plain wackyness removed all the signs.

But all sillines aside, there is one true thing about the drawing below. If an object was placed on the moon millions of years ago it might still be here today. There is no erosion on the moon and the only danger would come from meteors. Sillines back again, if the human race would die (global warming, nucliar war, 2012, whatever) there might be another race popping up in a few million years that might reach the moon.

It would be so freaking awesome to see their reaction to our moon lander. Of course it might be possible that we humans have found such a plate on the moon back in '69 but decided not to tell the public. I guess it would create quite an uproar, it would imply that there was another intelligent race on earth before us.

Which could mean that either God doesn't exist or that we are not as chosen as we might have thought to be. It would also show us that they were fragile creatures and that time erases everything from the books of history in the long run. That could create a wave of "why bother" onto the worlds pessimistic people. It would be good for sales of the history books of course cause they'd would have to be rewritten all over again , and so on and so on.

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