30 December 2010

Post number 100

Its also the last post I'll make in 2010, talk about fine coincidence!

Luckily for me the last update of the year is on a thursday, the day that I upload a colored drawing officialy and unofficialy I also upload a "making of" clip from it. It would have been a bit dissapointing if the last update would have been on a sunday. That would have led to me uploading a sketch only, just for the principle of following my update scedual.

"But surely you could draw something special for the last update of the year if that was the case" said Michael and looked at me with question and smugness glooming in his eyes. "Read the title of the blog boy, 'procrastinations' is the keyword" I replied while pointing at the screen "I don't DO overtime."

Ok, so maybe it didn't go like that at all, but I do keep a strict scedual on my updates and I would have a hard time breaking the rithme that I'd have going over here. Maybe this is one of those weird little things that I might have, but hell it helps me with keeping this blog updated, even when I don't feel like doing so.

Like this update, sure it looks sorta ok, but I could still work on the drawing. A few more hours of handywork on it would probably make it that much better, but I'm a bit on the late side with my update and so I stopped working on it when I had a pleasent feeling about the drawing and started the upload proces.

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