09 December 2010

Making xmas cards

Another year of drawing Santa and a pine tree.

Its almost Christmass time and thus its also time to send a little card to friends and family. A few years ago I had an animated card. This year, I figured I could try to make something special again. At least not just something 2D and non-moving. But as this brings the difficulty level from "piece of cake" to "Djeezus dude, what the f***" I realise I might need a backup plan.

So that's what the drawing below will be, a backup plan in case I can't finish the difficult X-mass card for this year. Another challenge will be making an analog paper version of it. Cause apparently I got myselve in a situation where I promised to make an irl xmass card, not just a digital quick thingy that I can easily send to a lot of people.

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