23 December 2010

Me on fanart

Once in a while you need to brake a rule.

Normaly I don't like to make fanart and post it on the net. The biggest reason for this would be the fact that it is just easy advertising. For example: its very easy to make a drawing about something popular, a fancy action hero, a famous singer or actor, a wicked character from a movie and so much more. Posting it on the internet is a guaranteed win.

I'm sure that a drawing of superman will have it easier to be discovered then a drawing of something completly unknown. Sure the second could be better then the fanart on a mere artistic value level. But the fact remains that more people will do a search for "superman" then they will for "guy with glasses"

This is sorta the reason why I don't want to make fanart, if people watch my drawings and like it I want them to like it for the fact that my idea is fun, or that I drew it in a wicked way. If they only like it because their favorite character is in the drawing, I tend to have the feeling that the appreciation isn't a 100%. Sure I may be nitpicking, but that's my opinion about fanart and its popularity.

So frankly, when I drew "Superman" it was completly against my own rule. Luckily I have an excuse, cause one of my collegues did a request for it, so I cannot be blamed for it.

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