16 December 2010

The clock is ticking

The numbers, they keep on staring at me!

Last time that I checked my folder of finished stuff I noticed there were about 944 drawings, photomanipulations and animations in it. This is all digital works from the past ten years. So somewhere in my head a little voice was screaming: "Duuuuuuuuuuude, why the hell don't you have at least a thousand files in that folder?"

I'll have to admit it does bug me a little bit that I won't reach the thousand drawings by the end of 2010, the only way it seems possible is to work full time on it for the next 15 days. But that means I'll have to produce 56 drawings. That's 3,73333... drawings a day, or to make it easy, 4 drawings a day. When I say drawings, I actually mean digitings (digital drawings).

Of course I could reach the quota by making four quick sketches every day, that take me no longer then half an hour, but that is not what I want to fill my folder with. Somehow it feels bad to lower the quality for the sake of quantity. But then again, my mad obsession with numbers and meaning might push me towards that last resort. In the meantime I'm just making drawings of an hour of two each.

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