24 October 2010

So that was FACTS 2010

So I didn't sell that much, at least I got to meet some nice people.

What started on saturday continued on sunday, two days that were sorta the same all over. Going in, putting all my drawings on a table, sitting down, and spending the day at facts. So what made the two days so different from each other? On the first day I was a bit shy you could say, not really knowing what I had to do or where to go to. This included a lot of going from here to there.

The first day I got to meet Nikki, one off the guys that is famous in the DAbelgium group. I didn't even realise it was him until he told me his name. He was there with some other people from DA, sharing tables and stuff. On my right was a guy who sold a "hot" comic. A very friendly chap thought. On my other side was first of course talisje, but next to that some older guy and his comic series. Both looked very professional, which made me look like a noob of course.

My first client was a german woman who bought this little one. I had to take a picture of my first client of course. One of the things I remember most of the first day is also pacman and his ghost, doing a chase throught the paths on facts. Hilarious to look at cause when the ghost was interupted by a thick crowd pacman was waiting and jumping up and down in anticipation.

The second day! It started with me being a bit early. I got to talk to a cosplay guy from a star wars club from which I learned some interesting things. At the beginning of the second day I checked out all the other stuff at facts before I really started my day. There were some cool star wars props, life size insides of a spaceship, and some other really big "toys". I even got to talk to the guy who made the original and unique facts 2010 figurine. He had some cool stuff to mention about it. He even asked which of four figurines was best painted, its funny to meet the person behind the props and art.

Again a lot of funny things to see during the second day and a lot off people that came by to say hi, some family and friends. The second day I had nobody on my right, and on my left was another artist then yesterday, besides talisa of course. Oh, and there was a replica off the toy car from toy story, kids sized.

At one moment in time I was sitting at my booth, making a drawing when suddenly this guy appears and gives me his card. He then starts talking in french to me, explaining something about who he is and what the card was all about. My french is not that good, so I actually lost him around the second line and only understood a few words like convention france and vampires. I just nodded and thanked him for the explenation.

My final impression of facts: The convention itself is filled with pretty cool and friendly people, the customers will buy very little, but the crowd is amazingly cute, funny, cool and sexy.
I'm not sure what my plans are going to be for next year, since I didn't sell enough to pay for the boothplace itself. So moneywise it wouldn't be a smart move to invest in it again. Well, not unless I'd have some comics to sell I guess.

One of the drawings that I made during the facts convention.

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