10 October 2010

Colored sketches for once

And then the planet just went BOOM!

Yeah, can you imagine that, one day you're just sitting there relaxing and then boom, something happens that shakes the very foundations of the world. The sketch below is a continuation from my huge sketchpage, the file where I constantly work over previously drawn stuff. Right now I can still see some of the previous things that I had made in it.

But I'm sure you chaps can hardly recognise anything else besides a planet in an odd state of mind. I'm not sure if I'll continue detailing this thing out or if I'll just end up destroying this drawing by painting something else over it. mh, we'll see.

The figure below is a character from an animation that I'm working on right now. Its not yet finished and sometimes I wish I could just show something already. But as I only want to show the finished product, this little sketch will have to do. Maybe I'll even work this drawing out a bit more, but for now a sketched version will do. In the animation the character is more cartoony of course.

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