28 October 2010


Right now I don't really care much about making a drawing.

Instead off rushing myself in drawing something I decided to take one off the drawings I have in my "still working on it" folder and see what I can do with them. So I stumbled upon a drawing that I tweaked a bit before posting over here. This is by far "post worthy", but its in color. So thats the least I can do.

It seemed like a good idea to use the original sketch as a texture layer for the digital piece. The roughness in the sky and ground are off the original drawing. I put them in an overlay layer and played a bit with the shadows and lighting. Spiked up the hue/saturation filter and popped it as saved and classified.

So this drawing has now officialy left my "still working on it" folder and has been moved to the "finished stuff" folder. Though I guess I might as well just place it in the folder "sketches"

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