07 October 2010

Air dragon eggs?

True to the blogs name, I have been procrastinating this week.

The little animation I am working on is still in need of a s**tload of work, but the result never feels satisfying. Hence the reason why I didn't work on it as much as I could have. Its just that I draw a lot of frame by frame movements and when I check the result its always over in less then a second. Hours of work and a few seconds of yay. It doesn't feel like a good deal sometimes.

One thing is for sure, the next movie I'm making will use a lot more tweens. Speaking of the next thing I'm making. This week I made a sketch on paper that I scanned for some digitalisation. Unlike what I usually do I started to draw over the sketch, and after a while I got to a point where most of the original sketchlines were removed by the digital colors I had added.

Its a drawing of an ageless egg in an ever changing environement. Someone said it might be an alien ship and another person said it might be an egg of the air dragons. Its funny and inspirational when I notice what other people see in the drawings.

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