21 October 2010

Mushroom hunting

Listening to music is one of the quick ways to get inspired.

A few days ago I was sitting on the bus, sketchbook in my lap and mp3 player activly playing a song in my ears. When suddenly I heard the words "mushroom hunting". It was a song from Cowboy bebop that was playing and for some odd reason it seemed like a good idea to make a drawing about those two intriging words.

What came next was a journey of sketching, erasing, sketching again and finaly the digitalisation of a drawing. That took me some time too. At first I had started with a very dirty style of shading, but after having the drawing lay on my desktop for a night I decided to go full cell shaded again. It had been a while and it seemed like the good way for this drawing.

I'm not sure if I kept to it thought. At one time I blurred a whole shadow, and started adding gradient shadows and textures. But overal it looks ok. I'm not to sure about the colors. I just noticed that a lot off the colors that I use are gray brown and blue. It seems like a returning color palette in most off my drawings. Not sure what that is all about.

Anyway, this weekend is FACTS time. Hopefully I wont forget my camera cause I hope to make lotsa photos and stuff. Of course I might give a full blogupdate about the weekend this sunday evening. But first, I have to get a bit more excited, even though I already am =D

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