12 September 2010

Sketches, some digital, some not

Never hang on the branches off a tree, they might break off.

This weekend I was off sketching a bit with Lieven, it has been a long time since we had done that. My result is the pencil sketched church below. Something I didn't notice while I was drawing was the size off the tower, it was way to big, or the other part of the building was too small. But when the sketch was done it was too late to fix it. I also rediscovered why trees can be a pain to draw.

The second part of the image today is a screenshot from my big sketchfile. Its the file I mentioned a few updates ago. Right now it is filled with smaller sketches all seperated by some white area. But today I'm at the point where I can't really draw in it without destroying previously drawn things.
Those paying attention might notice the little girl and the tree, on which I based a drawing off a few days ago. We also have a little stitch in the water with some sort of big animal swimming underneath him. Yes I know stitch would never go in the water like that, but its a sketch, so I'm allowed to draw anything I want.

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