19 September 2010

And some extra sketches

I'm not sure about pirates in space, but it sounds awesome!

Here are some more sketches that I might use in a little animation I might make. Notice the frequent use of the word "might" here. Cause my reputation on animations isn't that good. I have planned a lot of clips in the past that I wanted to make, but never got to finishing them. Of course back then I never had a storyboard or any general idea of direction.

So a good idea might be to start making a propper storyboard and some decent guidelines. I have made a few sketches in the past weeks to get some ideas out in the open. Even a storyboard of some sorts. Right now the only digital file I have is the storyboard pasted in a flashfile, while the music is playing over it.

I'll see how far this will go. Oh, and look at that, the paper got bended when I put it in the scanner, how funny.

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