23 September 2010

Pinguins and stuff

2 drawings mentioned in one update, how odd.

A few days ago I was working on an animation I had rediscovered in my "still working on it" folder. I thought it would be cool if I could finish it someday. But since its frame by frame it takes a long time to make it and I realised I wouldn't be able to get it done that evening. So I stopped myself at midnight and figured I'd hit the deck.

But a little post on the internet caught my eye. It was a tutorial on how to work with creative ideas. Interesting as that was I tried it out and at 3:35 that night I stopped working on the pinguin drawing. The next morning I tweaked it a bit more with some extra pinguins and splashes in the water. But as I had made the drawing mondaynight I didn't allow myself to use it as the update for today.

Instead I tried to make something new yesterday evening. Which failed horribly, it started out fine and at one moment in time it was actually very good in its simplicity, but then I kept working on it. And as they said in school once: "Ge moet het ni doodwerken", which sorta means, don't focus on unnecesary details and stuff.

That is of course exactly what I did, I focused too much on perfecting the flow of the shadow- and artlines. But by doing that I forgot the global picture and in the end it just didn't work as I had planned. So one moment off frustration later I went to bed and decided to make something fresh today. Which you can see below.

I didn't want to upload to much videos so I pasted it behind the pinguin video. The black and white drawing is a sort off visualisation for my worktechnique. I sometimes make a sketch and then start drawing cameras in the scene. Then I add a little sketch of what the view would be through that camera. This helps me in getting ideas on how to show the scenery.

It may seem like a lot of extra unnecesary work, but somehow I belief that seeing all the different options at the same time on paper is better. It helps to chose the right one when you can easily compare them. This time however I stoped at that perticular fase, which I think turned out ok.

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