30 September 2010

Comics are fun

Even more so if you try not to use any text in them

This is something I just realised, there are a lot of my comics that don't have any text in them at all. Not that I mind of course, its always interesting to see how much I can do without the help of text. Where is the border of speach and no speach. The latest comic I made was without speach since the images work for themselves.

Its a little comic that will help decorate a café in Sweden. Sara who will be baking lotsa delicious cakes, pies, whatnot asked if I could make something for them. They just started working on the café and I'm sure the exitement will be great over there. Especialy when they'll be open for business. KA stands for Konditori Axelsson, just so you know.

During the clip you might notice a moment where I'm making green outlines and suddenly the two other frames next to it are done in an flash second. That's because I had forgotten to press the record button again. I only noticed that when it was already too late.

On another notice, soon I'll be posting another comic on DA. Its a page that I used for a letter I sent to Studio 100 as a job application. It shows the storie of someone trying to send a letter to the company. I used the characters that the company created, that way I could show that knew what they made, how my skills are and that I'm interested in their company.

The original is of course in dutch and at this moment its not yet translated for internet use, but that'll be fixed soon enough. So be sure to check that out today or tomorrow.

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