26 September 2010

One less movie to see

There's a clear patern in a Miyazaki's movie.

An old person with a big expressive face. A character with no name/face/voice whatever that is just there. Some cute little characters, an enemy that isn't really that evil but a real evil that is actually more in the henchmen. A good character that isn't perfect good cause the perfect good is reserved for the main character and stunning animation of course.

Or I'm only comparing "Howls moving castle" and "Spirited away". Maybe the rest of his movies aren't like that at all. I ought to watch his other movies first before I make a definate conclusion. But for now this one will do.

Speaking of animations, a few days ago I was investigating my "still working on it" folder and discovered some old file. An animation I once started making but never finished. A frame by frame thingy, which means a lot of patience and repetitive work. Probably the reason why I stopped working on it. But somehow I felt good enough to finish it.

Of course its still not done, If I can count on my calculations I'll still have to work a full 24 hours on it to get the motion finished. Then I'll still have to color all of the frames too. Thinking about all that work makes me numb already, but I'll cary on nonetheless. Most off the animation is done anyway. So soon it'll be finished and I'll be able to look back on it with glee.

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