02 September 2010

The big sketchy file

I'm not sure how I'm going to cope with the sketch file.

I've been using a big sketchfile for the last week now. Its an A3 sized file that started out blank and every time that I just want to sketch a bit I do it in that file. Since I'm only using one layer I'll eventually end up painting over previously drawn sketches. Right now I've still been able to paint around them. But soon I won't have enough place left and I'll have to cross the border.

Its a bit frightning to destroy those little sketches, and yet I know I have to do it. Being able to give up an old thing for something new and maybe even better is a thing I still need to learn. It might come in handy when I'm drawing, so I won't hesitate to try something new. Instead of holding on to the old piece even if its not as good as it should be.

The drawing of today exists out of a tree, a little girl and an apple. Each of those three things were drawn on seperate occasions. Firstly the tree, which I drew while listening to Sea of honey from "Markyspark" on Newgrounds, which is my new favorite site to look for fresh music. The apples were a small addition when I got bored for 5 seconds.

The little kid was something I drew over them keeping in mind that i'd use the tree as a background for it. Somehow it felt nice to combine new sketch with something that was already on the paper. I'm not sure if I'll be able to do that again. But we'll see how that turns out. About the speedpainting of last thursday that I didn't post, I have some good news I guess. I'll post it today.

You can check out the finished piece in my Deviantart gallery, linky

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