05 September 2010

Pirates in space

To start a little impossible project or not to start it?

Last week I found a nice song on Newgrounds called "Edge of the universe". Quite a nice song, and for some reason it has been speaking to my imagination. Imagining a little boy and girl in or on a spaceship, flying through space, going on an adventure. When they encounter a spaceship with pirates they flee into a nebula and escape the evil pirates. After which they happily fly off into space again.

Right now I have made a "storyboard" of the three minutes and twenty nine seconds. Storyboard is a big word, its actually more like 209 squares with a few lines in them, spread out on four pages in my sketchbook. Of course I also have the character sketches down here. But while I'm thinking about it I actually belief it would be fun if I could make a music video of some sort.

My experience with animation isn't that good of course, the most I've made up till now is three short clips which you can find on my youtube channel. Only one of them is actually movie-like and the other are more like roughs. So I'm not sure if I'll be able to pull off such a big animation like that. Last time I thought about doing it I ended up with a bad dragon animation. Who knows what I'll end up with this time.

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