05 August 2010

Bachelor party lookalike

Going snowboarding is a good idea, not wearing gloves while doing it isn't.

So yeah, my buddy is going to marry this saturday and for that occasion we deviced a plan to go snowboarding. As a sort of bachelor party, without the strippers or the getting drunk. We did got to fall on our faces a few times. A good thing snow is sorta soft, but its still to cold for comfort. The day after, and right now, my body is still a bit aching. Maybe I should have stretched a bit.

On a drawing notice I got this little succer worked out. Took me an hour and 23 minutes to complete. This time however I started a bit different. At first I made a sketch of a spider on a road, walking its way. But it was just a boring old situation sketch. No special perspective. Then I did the good old "put camera's in the scene and check what they see".

This usually ends up in a sketch with five or more little triangles pointed in the direction that the camera is looking and then next to that a little square with the image that the camera is seeing. This allows me to choise the best frame, and to discover an angle I hadn't thought of at first. This time I only needed to draw one camera, for some reason it was enough to get me started.

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