15 August 2010

comics on the way

Rule number one with brushes: Experiment with different types.

That rule is definatly something I'd have to remind myself off once in a while. When I started working on the comicpage (shown underneath) I had my normal number of brushes that I've used for quite some time now. But soon I realised I needed to fix my brushes, tweak the functions a bit and even make brand new ones. Some didn't work out thought.

The technique of coloring this comic comes from the last update here. With that drawing I had the figure drawn in lines and colored like a comic character. But the background was with brushes and no outlines at all, yet still trying to be detailed. It is that style I'm trying to incorporate in this comic. Which is btw only two pages long. The big battle is on the other page.

Hopefully it'll turn out alright. The stuff I still need to do with the page underneath is mainly the colors and of course the three last frames. But once I have all the frames I'll bring some color to it all, hoping it'll work with the characters. My biggest fear at the moment is the fire. I'm not sure if I'll be able to color the white areas propperly. I'll have to see about that first.

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