12 August 2010

I keep on remaking stuff

What can I say, I like to compare the styles between old and new stuff.

Yeah, I decided to do another remake of an older drawing. In 2003 I made the following drawing. Three years later I made it again, but that time I had altered the colors of the character. This time however I stuck with the original colors. Though you might say that isn't completely true. Since I'm using less "BAMM ITS A COLOR" colors, but more balanced onces.

When you watch the "making off" speed drawing you might notice that I've spend quite some time on the hand at the right. Somehow I wasn't able to pull it off correctly, so I'm making a mental note to myself that I need to practise drawing hands again. With that I should also concider learning propper anatomy again. Cause it has been too long ago since I've practised.

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