19 August 2010


Apparently you don't have to be horselike to be a unicorn.

"Does anyone have an interesting idea to draw?" It seemed like a fairly normal question to post on facebook. I hoped to get some cool idea's for this wednesdays drawing. Luckily for me someone said I should draw baby unicorns. At first I was just thinking about the movie "Fantasia" with the little horses and that wine king.

But then she showed me a picture of what she apparently had in mind I had a second thought about it: "Thats new!" It was a humanoid figure with feet as hooves, and a horn on the head. But nothing else was like the regular image of a unicorn. This combined with the steampunk concept I had just seen the other day was too perfect not to use in a drawing.

So 5 hours laters in the middle of the night I ended up with this little succer. I used multiple layers of shadow, and somehow the figure had to be outside the box. Just like the concept.

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